Health, Safety & Environmental

Committed to excellence

Health and safety

 We’re committed to pursuing excellence in everything we do – this also applies to the strict health and safety policy that we adhere to and which ensures the wellbeing of our workforce and the client teams we serve. Our membership of the UK’s leading Health & Safety governing bodies is testament to that.

The environment

We understand that our activities may have an impact on the environment, so we take our social and environmental responsibilities very seriously. We’re rightly proud that our work to mitigate this impact has earned us an accreditation from the UK Environment Agency.

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How we alleviate our impact on the environment

  • We reuse and recycle wherever possible
  • We dispose of our waste according to UK regulations
  • We plan meticulously to minimise emissions and noise pollution
  • We only appoint registered waste removal carriers
  • We always consider the products we use and source the least harmful alternatives

A management system that puts the environment first

  • We always remain compliant with our legal obligations
  • We continually seek a deeper understanding of environmental impacts
  • We review our energy usage annually to help us reduce our energy reliance
  • We ask our suppliers to mirror our commitment to the environment
  • As we evolve and grow, we’re committed to reviewing our environmental policy and assessing our performance to take account of change