Interceptors–the final line of defence for a commercial drainage network

Drainage interceptors or drain separators are the final line of defence for a drainage network. They’re designed to intercept surface water run-off and trap and prevent contaminants from commercial and industrial sites from creating a pollution hazard and jeopardising an organisation’s health and safety and environmental legislation compliance in the process.

This is why it’s so critical for businesses to employ the skills of a specialist team of commercial drainage interceptor experts to clear and maintain interceptors regularly. The Environment Agency recommends interceptors are cleared every six months to avoid blockages and prevent pollution of a commercial drainage system and the environment around a site. You can see why interceptor maintenance is so important in our explainer video on this page.

Express Commercial Solutions provides all-embracing, cost-effective interceptor services, 24/7/365 interceptor monitoring solutions and planned preventative maintenance (PPM) plans for clients that span market sectors from production and storage facilities to car parks and retail spaces and ensure all are protected from business interruption and operational downtime.

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Expert interceptor and pump station cleaning services

Given the vital role that interceptors and pump stations play in controlling and transporting vast volumes of water safely, it’s essential these systems are consistently maintained by registered, certified operatives who are approved to perform the work.

Express Commercial Solutions carries out regular, hassle-free pump station cleaning and drainage interceptor emptying services that keeps them at peak performance and our commercial customers fully compliant with their environmental regulatory obligations as outlined in the Pollution Prevention Guidance 3 (PPG3) document. Failure to comply can result in heavy fines.

We’re relied on by our commercial clients for our expert pump station maintenance and interceptor maintenance services. Express Commercial Solutions is CHAS Health and Safety accredited and our highly qualified teams of operatives are certified under the City and Guilds Medium Risk Qualification in confined spaces. This means we can work easily in the restrictive spaces within interceptors and pumping stations using our breathing apparatus, winches and harness systems to ensure our processes remain safe and effective for our teams and yours.

Interceptor and pump station cleaning explained

You can find out more about the important role an interceptor system plays in our explainer video, which also demonstrates how we’re helping our commercial clients achieve substantial cost savings, enabling them to reduce their carbon footprint and remain compliant with health and safety and environmental legislation.

Our interceptor services are available on demand 24/7/365, although the most effective, long-term and environmentally friendly solution for managing drainage interceptor and pump station cleaning and maintenance work is to implement a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) programme.

Please contact us to find out more about our tailored PPM plans and to get a no-strings quotation for your drainage infrastructure.

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Why choose Express Commercial Solutions for your interceptor services

Express Commercial Solutions is the first choice for commercial organisations who want to maintain their compliance with environmental legislation, avoid uncapped fines, and most importantly; adhere to an effective pollution prevention strategy that protects the environment and site ecology.

Our fleet of combination and slurry tankers and experienced teams of interceptor operatives conduct expert, PPG3-compliant maintenance, servicing and remote management of interceptors. Together, they give our commercial clients the peace of mind that their interceptor systems are protected and performing as they should and that their risks of pollution are as mitigated as far as practically possible.

If you’d like to find out more about our interceptor services or to request an interceptor survey to see how we can improve your interceptor system and save you money, please contact us.