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Business Interruption prevention 

Express Commercial Solutions understand that reoccurring or one-off drainage issues, no matter how big or small creates business disruption in the way of delays, lowered productivity or missed targets all of which have a direct business cost.

By understanding our client’s operations and there sites we can create bespoke maintenance plan that is proven to reduce business disruption as well as have a contingency plans to keep operation in the event of pollution, environmental incidents, floods, and other major disruption situations.

Why us? What makes us different?

Our approach is different, and we understand the commercial / client needs. Our resources, team, expert knowledge in solution providing and our proven track record / results for Blue chip multi-site operators give us the confidence to support our clients.

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Business Interruption Prevention

Express Commercial Solutions – the first choice for the UK’s most respected brands
Express Commercial Solutions has earned an enviable reputation as the first choice for some of the UK’s most respected brands who rely on our portfolio of commercial drainage and planned preventative maintenance (PPM) solutions to keep their drainage networks and infrastructures performing as they should.
These clients know that, in the event of an emergency or drainage network fault, our specialist teams and resources are there with a 24/7/365 response that guarantees to resolve the issue fast, with reduced business disruption and minimised cost to their operations and impact on the environment.