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Oil spillage

Express Commercial Solutions – Commitment to the environment

At Express Commercial Solutions we support you in pollution prevention planning and management to avoid the potentially uncapped fines associated with environmental offences. We assist with minimising operational business disruption, clean-up costs, fines, damaged business reputation and environmental harm.

Pollution prevention planning services

We provide a targeted, site specific approach to pollutions prevention for your business. We Introduce systems to help avoid the potentially uncapped fines for environmental offenses

With our 365-interceptor monitoring system enables us to reduce the chance of an incident and ready to respond if one does occur. We identify your pollution risk areas and manage them by applying the necessary controls which reducing your business disruption and down time.

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Oil spillage
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Our expert preventative services also extend to pollution planning and management for the commercial sector. Express Commercial Solutions offers a tailored service for organisations who want to remain compliant with environmental legislation and standards and avoid the uncapped fines that environmental offences can bring.
Our approach is to identify pollution risk areas and manage pollution prevention by applying the systems and controls that ensure environmental compliance, reduce business disruption, downtime and the costs associated with business interruption. Our 365-interceptor monitoring system means we can reduce the risk of an incident and ensure our crisis management and emergency response teams can respond fast and effectively if it does.
Our pollution prevention planning services go further by supporting commercial organisations to minimise operational disruption, clean-up costs and fines as well as mitigate against any potential damage to business reputation and the environment.
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