Diablo is ready and raring to make its descent into the depths of the UK’s drains and sewers. The unconquerable beast can blast through the densest of blockages, whilst its water recycling capabilities and ultra-long hose create minimum public and customer disruption.

Just like Beelzebub himself, Diablo is an invincible presence, independently providing the best sewage cleaning solutions. It can tackle:

D – Drainage

I – Industrial concrete removal

A – Aco-channels

B – Blockage clearance

L – Lateral drains

O – Obstruction prevention


Our Transformational, state of the art Kroll Tanker

We wanted to find the most efficient way to fix drainage issues in one visit, with minimal fuss and minimal disruption. If one tanker could fix multiple issues without the need for extra equipment and manpower it would save time, money and avoid public disturbances.The solution we found also tied into our mission to reduce our environmental footprint and increase our technological innovations. In doing so it gave us greater capabilities in emergency responses to disasters. Diablo is a state-of-the-art suction flushing tanker with water recycling, meaning that we can solve drainage problems without taking or destroying resources from the natural environment.

Typical approaches and measures for effective environmental protection and conservation of resources are diverse. They are usually associated with high costs as it takes several different machines to complete one task effectively. Our suction flushing vehicle with integrated water recovery shows that there is another way; one machine to tackle every typical blockage issue.

Performance features

Superstructure: KROLL

Operation Area: Sewer cleaning with/without water-recycling-technology


  • Simultaneous high-pressure jetting and suction
  • Flexible water and sludge chamber with lockable piston divider
  • Emptying with push-out piston
  • Water-recycling-system with automatic mode (KROLL-CANMATIC)

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