Planned preventative maintenance or PPM is an essential factor for any business wanting to reduce maintenance costs and maintain the highest standards in pollution prevention and health and safety.

PPM Benefits

Express Commercial Solutions provide bespoke action plans and preventative measures to ensure your business’s drainage systems are working at their optimum capacity, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We install, maintain and inspect your systems at regular intervals whilst also having emergency procedures in place for crisis management. But what are the benefits of having these plans in place?

  1. Our experts have seen almost every scenario possible when it comes to drainage challenges. They will be able to recognize complex issues before they occur and cause monetary or safety issues for your property.
  2. We have the technology and knowledge to plan complex pollution pathways; pollution journeys, from when contaminants enter the environment to when it/they would cause harm.
  3. Failure to plan is planning to fail; a business that is caught unaware in the case of an emergency is more likely to suffer massive losses of equipment, resources and property. If there is a plan put in place for every stage of a disaster, then it is unlikely to reach dramatic conclusions.
  4. We install technology such as interceptor alarms, so not only will you be able to tell if there is an emergency (i.e. if your interceptor needs emptying), but we will too.

Your commercial drainage infrastructure could include plumbing, guttering, grease traps or interceptors. Like any of your other specialised equipment, the health of these smaller components works toward a smoothly operating system, and therefore an uninterrupted business operation.

Express Commercial Solutions has a portfolio of cost-effective PPM plans that are tailored to suit our client’s exact operational requirements and budgets. If you’d like to talk to the experts in commercial drainage PPM solutions, we can help you make cost-effective business interruption prevention a reality, please contact us.

Avoid unnecessary drainage problems; talk to us today to benefit from our years of experience and wealth of knowledge.

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