Introducing Express Rail Solutions, a new division from Express Solutions Group. With many years of experience throughout the company, versatile manpower and a large fleet, we’re fully equipped to offer a range of services including cleaning, desilting and dewatering all types of drainage systems including larger structures such as culverts. These services allow drainage systems to run as they should, allowing for inspections & maintenance to take place, which can be provided by our expert teams.

We can cover all types of projects with our specialised equipment such as our Kroll tankers and two hydro cutters – two of only six built in the world. We specialise in completing the jobs that others cannot and we’re proud to be known as the UK’s leading drainage problem solvers.

Express Solutions Group team
Express Commercial Solutions | Expert Drainage Solutions Provider
Engineer working on a drain

What we can offer:

  • National coverage

  • Multiple experienced drainage engineers

  • CCTV surveys

  • Culvert & drainage Jet-Vac works

  • Hydro-cutting technology

  • STE4 Examinations (Full, detailed inspection reports)

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us below or download our introduction PDF here

Express Commercial Solutions – the first choice for the UK’s most respected brands
Express Commercial Solutions has earned an enviable reputation as the first choice for some of the UK’s most respected brands who rely on our portfolio of commercial drainage and planned preventative maintenance (PPM) solutions to keep their drainage networks and infrastructures performing as they should.
These clients know that, in the event of an emergency or drainage network fault, our specialist teams and resources are there with a 24/7/365 response that guarantees to resolve the issue fast, with reduced business disruption and minimised cost to their operations and impact on the environment.