Interceptors; the Ultimate Defender Against Contaminants

Express Commercial Solutions understand that drainage issues, especially ones that affect the environment and local ecosystems, are a lasting concern. Your business could be subject to uncapped fines, major disruption and even the permanent closure of your business if you are found to knowingly pollute the environment. That is why the installation of interceptors and the proper maintenance of them is essential.

By understanding exactly how you schedule your operations, we can create a bespoke maintenance plan to install and take care of your interceptor, that is proven to have minimal business disruption. We also create contingency plans to prepare for every possible scenario.

What is an Interceptor?

An interceptor is a filtration system found below ground, within pipework. Its function is to collect and store contaminants such as fats, oils, sludge, and silt before they reach the environment and pollute local habitats. They are installed in areas where there is potential for contamination. For example, a petrol station would have an interceptor on the outskirts of its car park so that the oil from the tarmac doesn’t reach the surrounding grassland.

Why use them?

In September 2020, a report was released by the British Environmental Agency showing that just 14% of English rivers were of good ecological standard. No river in the UK received a rating of ‘good’ in terms of chemical standards. To help tackle terrible statistics such as these, each business in the UK has a responsibility to put protective measures in place. Because of their effectiveness in combating pollutants, one of these measures is the instalment and proper maintenance of interceptors.

Types of Interceptor

There are different designs for drainage interceptors, depending on the type and amounts of contaminants that need to be removed from wastewater before it is discharged. There are two main types of interceptors: Full Retention Interceptors and Bypass Interceptors (or three-stage interceptors).

Full retention interceptors are used in places where there is a high risk of contamination. This could be in scrap yards, washdown areas or vehicle workshops its contaminants are typically oil or petrol.

Bypass interceptors are used for sectors where there is a low risk of contamination and where the volume of water may be more significant.

Express Commercial Solutions has a portfolio of cost-effective PPM plans that are tailored to suit our client’s exact operational requirements and budgets. If you’d like to talk to the experts in commercial drainage PPM solutions, we can help you make cost-effective business interruption prevention a reality, please contact us.

How do we maintain interceptors to avoid fines and protect the environment?

It is against the law for your business to knowingly pollute the environment, you could be faced with uncapped fines or even face the closure of your premises. A properly working Interceptor is a major step towards this never being an issue. Here is how to make sure your unit is always working:

  1. Fit an interceptor alarm; an alarm will send warnings about any blockage, technical issues with the system or that it simply needs emptying. There may also be a monitoring system to assess and check how full the tank is.
  2. Ensure your system undergoes a proper inspection and servicing by a registered operator.
  3. Service and empty your interceptors at least every 6 months.

Who are the experts?

As solution providers who have decades of knowledge on the subject of pollution prevention, Interceptors and Interceptor alarms, here’s how Express Solutions can help you maintain a healthy interceptor system:

  • We can professionally install it and manage your existing surface water issues while we do so.
  • We manage the cleaning and waste disposal of the unit.
  • We will install specialised components suitable for your property.
  • We will conduct service surveys.
  • We will be on hand for emergency installation and maintenance.
  • We will install an alarm system that has 24-hour remote login capabilities

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